Polymer Testing and Modeling

Polymer Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Polymer Clip We focus on engineering for polymer applications because good design of polymer parts necessitates an integrated view of part manufacturing and the resulting part properties. Adequate material modeling is an other important aspect in this domain. We have special know-how and references for polymers, reinforced polymers, composites and elastomers.

Electromechanical Test Frame We use an electromechanical test frame for material testing. It is equiped with a very versatile videoextensometer. It allows point to point strain measurements and the measurement of 2D strain fields. A temperature chamber allows testing at temperatures between -80 and 250 degrees Celsius.

We calibrate FEA material models. Our main finite element code is Abaqus. Abaqus comes with many material models and we prefer to use one of them for our polymer models. We also calibrate models inplemented in Ansys, Code Aster and other FE programs.